Meeting 2 – Defining Blogs

March 1, 2006

A ton bloggers reject a definition of blogging.  Yet, in order to study blogging, we need a definition.  We talked about what it means to come up with a definition that contains within it the seed of invalidating that definition.  (This is the kind of issue raised all the time in theology and philosophy, no?).  

I wondered whether or not blogging is a second wave internet anarchic response to the appropriation of the internet by corporate control. 

After much reading, discussion, and on-line perusing, for the purposes of the study we decided to go with a definition provided by Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber Dissidents by Reporters Without Borders:

 “A ‘blog’ or ‘weblog’ is a personal website:

  • containing mostly news
  • regularly updated
  • in the form of a diary (most recent posts at the top of the page)
  • with most of the posts also arranged in categories.
  • set up designed using a specially designed interactive tool.
  • usually created and run by a single person, sometimes anonymously.

A blog’s posts:

  • usually test (including external links), sometimes with pictures and, more and more often, sound and video
  • can be commented on by visitors
  • are archived on the blog and can be accessed there indefinetly.
  • Like a personal webpage, except it’s
  • easier to set up and maintain, and so much more active and more frequently updated.
  • encourages a more open style and franker viewpoints.
  • greatenly encourages discussion ith visitors and other bloggers.
  • sets a standard worldwide format for blogs, involving similar methods (2 or 3 column layout, comments on posts and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.”  

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