Preliminary Research – Who’s citing who?

March 1, 2006

I started to search three weeks of online archives up to today for blog, blogging, blogosphere, and www* to see if there are instances of news linking to the blogging world.   I’ll post detailed compiled research about this, but in the meanwhile, some observations:

  • There are three kinds of references to blogs coming up:  Firstly, stories about the election and blogs.  We are not focussing on election blogs, because many seem to have been time sensitive.   I did not track these references.  
  • Secondly: stories about blogging trends, which mostly don’t refer to the impact of blogging on driving a news agenda.   I tracked any blogs mentioned in these stories if they were of the media / politico / indy media type, not if they were personal diary or corporate.      
  • Thirdly: “Hybrid blogs”:  those blogs produced by mainstream media which may link to other blogs or hybrid blogs.  
  • I found no links to blogs in online hard news. 

Summaries and Points of Interest

– Globe and Mail:  Search went to Dan Cook’s “blog” – what we are coding as a hybrid blog (HB).    This HB features lists of links to mainstream national and international news outlets, alternative news sources, blogs, hybrid blogs, and some original reporting exclusively in the form of raw chronological lists of time-sensitive events (i.e. Supreme Court judge review).        

– National Post:  Does not seem possible to search National Post proper archive because website is part of a hub with  Very annoying.   Search for “blog” links away from National Post, not towards the Post’s “hybrid bloggers”  (Andrew Coyne, Adam Radwanski).

-CBC:  A lot of election material linking to blogs, but no hard news or hard newsy features with blog links or references.   Link to fictional blog about a flu pandemic (Jan  11th 5th Estate show); Oscar Blog Feb 27, 2005;  blog search turns up no links, but can access Rick Mercer’s blog and Zed’s blog from the CBC show.  So – is their search function not combing full text, or what…

– Toronto Star – blog query leads to education blog link, which leads to links to all the Toronto Star’s blogs.   Antonia Zerbisias references both both indy and hybrid bloggers.  She’s the only hybrid blogger I’ve seen so far who is referencing bloggers tracking the Americans’ war in Iraq.    

 more later…



One Response to “Preliminary Research – Who’s citing who?”

  1. Amber Konrad Says:

    Muchos Gracias for your blog post.Thanks Again. Want more.

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