CBC National media and blogs

April 11, 2006

We took some time off and now I am back on the horse to gear up for full time work and make up some missed hours.

I am not sure why there is such a divide between CBC.ca [really only CBC 1&2] vs. CBC 3, but it seems that all of the new media and experimental online work is being done on CBC 3.   If I search CBC 1&2 for blog, all I find is outdated links– things like the election blog, an Oscars blog, etc (I have a complete spreadsheet of those findings).    CBC 3 by contrast is different – the very site is structured as a blog and it is going for the multimedia feel with a combination of music, blog, various cultural tidbits.   A combination of new music and intelligensia youngish article links. Obviously the “reaching out to young people” CBC – a shame, it seems, it is so damned hard to find. 

Today: compiled a spreadsheet of all the blogs by CBC journalists and employees I could find through various links from CBC three.   The website Planet CBC  has feeds from “known blogs” by CBC journalists as well as an extensive blogroll.  More than half the sites from the blogroll are defunct or are only Lockout blogs, but a few are still active (will archive content of spreadsheet).  It seems the main man of CBC blogging is Todd Maffin.  There are tons of links available to  relevant sites.

So far have seen about 11 active and oft-referenced CBC employee blogs and another 15 or so that seem pretty inactive and/or never referenced by anyone.  But a couple, although I don’t see references to them are really quite interesting: for example the blog of Ottawa-based journalist Hadeel:  


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