Reporter’s notebook

July 4, 2006

Noticed for the first time that Doskoch occasionally refers to his news writing for on his blog in addition to news round-up:


3 Responses to “Reporter’s notebook”

  1. Bill Doskoch Says:

    Hi Kids:

    I left a reply to this on my blog at

    Feel free to ask questions any time!

  2. Bill Doskoch Says:

    PS: You spelled David Akin’s surname wrong in your blogroll

  3. mediasphere Says:

    Hi Bill D. – It’s Susannah [not Susan!] here from the blogosphere project (all the blog postings are mine). Thanks for the note and your openness to questions. I have one! Feel free to respond in the blogs somewhere or either to email me ( as I would really appreciate any further thoughts you have on the project, the issues raised in journalism or as a reporter, but particularly the reserach blog and the “being watched” as you say. The blogroll and the definition of what blogs we’d like to read and include in the study has just taken shape in the past couple of weeks. My decision to post it was based on wanting to be more transparent – but perhaps it’s not enough? My thinking was that in posting a blogroll, those who are interested in knowing who read them would see that a link was created, and would go to the research blog. But do you think that’s inadequate? In your view, should Abby and I should email all the bloggers on the blogroll and let them know that we’re reading their blogs for research purposes? I must admit, some of why I didn’t push for this was not in fact that I didn’t recognize the great and daring work out there, but more because I didn’t want to presume that people would have any interest in it, and in visiting my little peanut gallery research area at a J-school. But based on what you said I am re-evaluating this…maybe a sense of shyness prohibited me from weighing questions in a more sensitive or aware way…

    Thanks Bill – I hope to hear back. By the way, I had hoped to try to meet you when my TV teacher (Peter McNelly) took a few of us to CTV for a tour in June but it was overwhelming (in a good way)! We had the chance to go to an evening news meeting– it was really neat to see how this happened at CTV and to realise that the sorts of fights we had in Peter’s class were the same kinds of fights people are having about real news.

    I’m going to post this on our blog to keep track of it.


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