Elite consensus and feelings

July 6, 2006

The first casualty of openness is the idea of journalistic objectivity. “  (Bruns – in Gatewatching)

Brun’s view this is a good thing because as Chomsky states, the global media “permit, indeed encourage spirited debate, criticism and dissent, as long as these remain faithfully in the system of presuppositions and principles that constitute an elite consensus, a system so powerful as to be internalized largely without awareness.”     I think here about the roots of the word consensus – sharing together some kind of feeling.  This is interesting to me because the common use of the word focusses on sharing an idea and an agreement as if we are speaking of assenting to parameters or norms [ideas in the mind, rationally agreed upon precepts].  But I hadn’t so much considered the role of feeling in this –  consensus as rather a common agreement to barricade one’s vantage to only be able to see, hence feel certain things.  Confessional J-blogs…


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