Word error on survey

July 27, 2006

This week I realised that we had written “renumerate” in the survey instead of “remunerate.”  I read the correct word in the newspaper, thought that was a typo, looked it up, and knew immediately I had missed this error in proofing the survey.  I never knew the correct word was the latter (neither did 3 other test readers, or perhaps it’s just easy to skim past) although in hindsight it makes sense that “numerate” would be a terrible way to name being paid. Somehow it slipped by because the association with numbers.   

If it helps at all, I am getting my ears checked today because I have been hard of hearing lately…!


2 Responses to “Word error on survey”

  1. Don’t feel bad. “Remunerate” comes as a total shock to my business-writing students at Capilano College, here in North Van…year after year after year, since I started teaching back in 1967.

    By the way, in the catchphrase or subtitle of this site, “research” is mistyped and “school” and “journalism” should both have capitals. It’s a bugger to proofread text on a computer screen!


  2. mediasphere Says:

    Thank you…and YIKES!! I made those corrections. I definetly missed the spelling and as for the caps, there’s just no excuse for that.

    I never thought blogging would be such good copy editing training, but I’ll take as much help as I can get before I am sending things to print!!!

    Thanks for your interest in the project.


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