Blogosphere project update

September 4, 2006

Hi – just an update from our project.   With the end of the summer this research phase has officially ended after slowing down the past few weeks.  However, since as far as we know this blog is the most complete listing of blogs by journalists, dailies and other mainstream media in Canada I’m going to keep that going on updating the blogroll as I have time and as I find them –  but not religiously any more!   I’ll keep posting stories or links but only sporadically. 

Dr. Goodrum is working on a preliminary paper that will be presented at a conference in Australia toward the end of August.  Also, she’s hoping to continue the research and to develop the research into a fuller peer-reviewed publishable piece. I’ll pass onto Dr. Goodrum the names of people who have requested copies of the research based on the survey of blogging journalists and a content analysis of Canadian j-blogs.  If you would like to be kept in the loop please get in touch with her or you could contact me through the blog.  The email access for me through this is still valid. 

Thanks for your interest. 


Norm Spector on YouTube

September 4, 2006