Cluster maps

July 4, 2006

This is neat and scary [sample of who/where views Bruno Guglielminetti’s website]:


Link analysis

June 29, 2006

Working on finding the best incoming / back link analysis tracking tool.   Yahoo Site Explorer seems to be better than Google’s, yet this not comprehensive. 

Side note: realised that in Google, incoming links to a site can be searched by just typing “link:domain.xx” into the normal search index; it’s not necessary to go into advanced search function.  For example will turn up a host of pages that link to Ryerson – but NOT as comprehensive as yahoo.

On the positive: it’s turned up links to the Global TV news crew blogs, none of which I’d found before. 

On the negative: it doesn’t turn up instances where our mediasphere blog gives an incoming link (are we non-existent if we have no links to us?), and it chronicles a whole bunch of technorati searches that i can’t understand (e.g. if you search Market Murmurs there are several technorati tag searches that come up for things that MM would likely be talking about [Tim Horton’s…Bottled Water…etc.] , but none of the postings links to Market Murmurs, so i just don’t know why they appear there).


  1. type in URL in search box.
  2. The results will show both “pages” and “Inlinks.”   If you click on “pages,” that breaks the website address down into every individual sub-page of the addresss you searched [that is NOT what we need]. 
  3. If you click on “inlinks,”  results come up and can be sorted using 4 variables:  a) from all pages / except for this domain:  if you select “except for this domain,” it will show all incoming links excluding those from the domain you searched;  b) If the URL entered is a unique domain name (like  it gives the further option: show inlinks to entire site / only this URL.  But if the address as entered is already specific  ( e.g. the latter option isn’t available – in other words you can’t jump to search all of CBC’s incoming links like this, but you can screen out CBC links to Market Murmurs. 

Posting files to blog

March 7, 2006

This advice from my WordPress / web savy friend Herb:  “It might be
better to ask Wordpress admin [about the problems uploading any documents besides images on the site] because you can’t change file/directory
permissions through your web browser. You need access to the command
line (through an ssh or telnet client).”    

Where to find research

March 7, 2006

Hi Abby, until I figure out how to upload excel spread sheets, I am posting abbreviated lists of findings under Pages and notes in this main section.  That way, when you get a minute during the week you can look at a bit of progress and look at any new blog links related to news.  

March 7, 2006

arendt 11.jpg I am still trying to upload other kinds of files – I need some inspiration from a smart woman (Hannah Arendt). 

I’m trying to find a good format for posting our research – the regular log notes are easy, but what’s a bit more difficult is posting large files.  

I’m an old fashioned HTML tables sort of person, so this blog layout is new and I have to learn a bit more about it.  I’ve been looking at other research blog, so see how these folks manage and share things like spreadsheets of data.  If I find any insprational sites, I am posting them to the blogroll.

So stay tuned, hopefully I will sort it out early this week.