Sports media watchdog

July 4, 2006

More notes towards the “can’t exactly classify blogs” sense – James Mirtle does mostly hockey commentary but here there’s some media watch:


Reporter’s notebook

July 4, 2006

Noticed for the first time that Doskoch occasionally refers to his news writing for on his blog in addition to news round-up:

In the current version of data sheets there is detailed information about one primary blog per person only — this is the case the vast majority of the time.

If an individual has 2 blogs, the only information tracked about the secondary blog right now is whether or not it’s independent and whether or not it has ads.  

If a journalist keeps a hybrid blog, I’ve tracked this as the primary blog.  If they keep a personal blog, right now the info tracked about that one is limited [what’s noted above].

If a journo ONLY keeps a personal blog this is tracked as the primary blog.   

On the master spreadsheet I’ve kept a 3rd tab for those blogs that still fall outside the parameters of our study but are interesting in terms of seeing what’s happening. Those will include:

  • blogs by people who work in news media but who were not considered in Weaver & Wilhoit’s journalism study (tech, recording, camera, sound people); 
  • blogs by people rumoured to be journalists rumoured to work for this publication or that publication.  There are enough blogs to track that are explitly positioned by their authors and media mastheads as j-blogs right now without sleuthing.
  • blogs that fall into the parameters but had already become inactive or almost inactive by the time our study started [no 2006 postings, or only a couple since then]

Need category to track where is institutional link to the blog?  How hard to find it on website? We’ve discovered things don’t fit neatly into subject boxes, so yes, to expand sample & code categories:  1) ongoing j-blog 2) single-event j- blogs  3) feature j-blogs (short term).  4) independent j-blog [not affiliated with any media outlet – kept either by journalist employed by media outlet or not].

Next mtg. Tues 2-4.