Hello – my name is Susannah and I’m a student working for Dr. Goodrum on her mediasphere project.   Please feel free to email me at s3schmid@ryerson.ca if you have questions about this research log.   Or, if you have comments for Dr. Goodrum you can contact her through her web page.

From what I understand, open research processes in the social sciences are still just emerging – so keeping a research log like this is a little bit of an experiment.  

I don’t know how true of a shared research log one can really have in a totally open online forum.  It’s sometimes difficult to find the right tone in terms of posting in a public space thoughts that are just emerging — whether thoughts about academic research, theory about public journalism, or thoughts about blogs and how people are using blogs (plus, one can’t cartoon – half the fun of notebooks). 

I’ve noticed that when I am taking notes here the tendency is to be sloppy or to feel that one is alone, and that’s just not accurate.  It’s hard to muster the same alertness and sense of seriousness one would have with a notebook.  And there’s (at least) 2 paradigms going on: the conventions of short forms and sloppiness online or in a real research log (or that delusion that one is using a personal notebook) versus the science of verification behind journalism that one applies to public and published documents.  I already mis-spelled one journalist’s name and rightly caught hell for it from two different people.  That’s good, I won’t do that again; and also, it led to some good dialogue about what we are doing here. 

Man, it must be brutally stressful to be an online reporter.

We started the blogroll as a way of sharing blogs of Canadian journalists or media outlets.  Because this is a new study, the parameters of what to include has been constantly shifting as Dr. Goodrum and I encounter new exceptions that go beyond parameters we thought we might set.  We started with only mainstream national media, but the sample size was so small and the connections between blogs pushed us to begin expanding.  If there are more that you suggest adding, please get in touch. 

Or, email me if you are feeling hot about something or if there’s something you want to say, but not online!   I am open to hearing your criticisms or suggestions.  

Thanks, I hope to hear from you. 



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